Aren’t You Tired?

S: For they loved human praise more than the praise of God. John 12:43 (NLT) O: Their identity was found in what others thought of them, not in what God thought or said about them. Fear of losing man’s acceptance kept them from experiencing the full acceptance of God through Jesus. A: It’s a lotContinue reading “Aren’t You Tired?”

What’s the Attraction?

S: And a massive crowd of people followed him everywhere. They were attracted by his miracles and the healings they watched him perform. John 6:2 (TPT) O: Most of the masses were not interested in Jesus; they were there to witness the miraculous (v. 26) – maybe this was the first recorded FOMO (fear ofContinue reading “What’s the Attraction?”

A Voice That Prevails

S: But they were urgent, demanding with loud cries that he should be crucified. And their voices prevailed. Luke 23:23 (ESV) O: No matter Pilate’s desire, it was the voice of the crowd that prevailed. United, loud, and ungiving in its demands. I know this was necessary to fulfill the Scriptures, but I can’t helpContinue reading “A Voice That Prevails”

Let’s Get Creative!

S: “Even though his master was defrauded, when he found out about the shrewd way this manager had feathered his own nest, he congratulated the clever scoundrel for what he’d done to lay up for his future needs.” Jesus continued, “Remember this: The sons of darkness are more shrewd than the sons of light inContinue reading “Let’s Get Creative!”

Hard Truths

S: They said to Jesus, “Teacher, we know that you’re an honest man of integrity and you teach us the truth of God’s ways. We can clearly see that you’re not one who speaks only to win the people’s favor, because you speak the truth without regard to the consequences. Matthew 22:16b (TPT) O: HardContinue reading “Hard Truths”