Welcome to The Beautiful Unfolding

The Beautiful Unfolding is about the journey of discovering Jesus…again. It’s about reacquainting ourselves with the One Who is fully God and fully man – the One Who made the heavens and earth, and yet encountered every temptation we face. It’s about learning to love more deeply and intimately than ever before, the One Who first loved us.

The Beautiful Unfolding is the reality of our life’s story seen through lenses of eternity – a heavenly perspective on the story God is writing through each of us to make His Son known to the world. It’s the reality that He must become more, and we must become less.

Utilizing the SOAP method of journaling to help us on our journey, we begin to discover that The Beautiful Unfolding is more about the Author than it is about each of us. The Beautiful Unfolding is about Jesus.

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