Digging Deep

S: He answered them, “I also will ask you a question. Now tell me…” Luke 20:3 (ESV)

O: I don’t want to say You always do that, but You are really good at turning the tables back on us – asking questions that reveal what’s really going on in our heart and mind.

A: Sometimes Your questions frustrate me. Sometimes, I just want an answer without having to do all the heart work; just give me the answer so I can move on.

But where is the growth in that? Where is the character development?

Your questions are always an invitation to more.

How or what I choose to answer is up to me, but how or what I answer also reveals what is really going on in my heart. Choosing to think more deeply about the questions You present gives me an opportunity to dig deep.  

I realize that when I choose to do this – when I choose to do the hard, dirty, messy work – I find what’s really going on below the surface. It’s in this secret place, with You, that I am really developing strength of character and heart.

P: Jesus, keep asking questions that compel me to dig deep. Help me to keep pressing on to becoming the woman You made me to be – a woman unafraid of who she really is – a woman of character and heart. Your heart.

I love You.

Photo by Lukas

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