Word of God Speak

S: “A God-revealing light to the non-Jewish nations, and of glory for your people Israel.” Luke 2:32 (MSG)

“This child marks both the failure and recovery of many in Israel, a figure misunderstood and contradicted – the pain of a sword-thrust through you – but the rejection will force honesty, as God reveals who they really are.” Luke 2:34b-35 (MSG)

O: The Holy Spirit was on Simeon as he prophesied these words about You, Jesus. The Holy Spirit – our helper and guide.

And with Holy Spirit, You, Jesus, fulfilled all of this.

A: Holy Spirit, You are with me. You are a gift of Jesus (c.f. John 16:7-11). You speak truth to my heart. You give honest and encouraging words to Your followers – words to help build and edify. Just as You did here, Oh God, would You continue to speak of Your salvation – life we can only find in You!

P: Father, pour out Your Spirit. Build up Your Church, Oh God! Give us words of truth and hope for a broken and hurting world. Raise up heralds who are unafraid to speak boldly the Word of God! Call up Your people, Jesus. Stir up a new hunger for Your truth that turns them to their Bibles – let them read and discover for themselves the divine revelation of Who You are through Your Spirit and Truth. Awaken Your Church, Oh God!   

Photo by Noriko Cooper

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