Mess Me Up, Lord!

S: …The plan was that they would be with him, and he would send them out to proclaim the Word… Mark 3:14b (MSG)

O: This was always part of the plan; the apostles would be with You. They would spend each waking and sleeping moment in Your presence. They would walk with You, observe Your ways, watch how You did it, learn from You. They would eat with You, laugh with You, talk with You about what was on their mind, ask You questions, listen to Your response. I bet they told You old fishermen’s tales and jokes and I have a feeling You told some, too. They must have enjoyed just being with You – taking it all in. I imagine nothing else mattered much after being this close to You.

You have this way of doing that – messing us up by Your presence. Suddenly our plans don’t seem that important, our priorities shift, and our hearts are softened. Being with You makes us feel alive – makes us more aware of life. Your love, Your compassion, Your mercy and grace, they change us.

A: They key is to be with You. Always. This is where I still fall short. I still find parts of my life compartmentalized. Inconsistencies. But what I desire is for You to flood into every area of my life! I want my heart and mind to be awakened to Your 24/7 presence, Holy Spirit! I want to be with You, Jesus!

P: Mess me up, Lord! Make me fully aware of Your presence in every area of my life! Interrupt my day and my thoughts! Keep showing me. Keep teaching me. Keep speaking to me. I’m so grateful for Your presence! Thank You for Your goodness and love for me.

I love you, too, Daddy.

Photo by Free-Photos–242387

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