Up All Night

S: In the first light of dawn, all the high priests and religious leaders met and put the finishing touches on their plot to kill Jesus. Matthew 27:1 (MSG)

O: Does evil ever sleep? Surely, they must have been up all night – plotting with themselves oh how to “get rid of You.” It breaks my heart – reading this and knowing You knew what they were doing, what they were thinking and planning.

And yet You loved us enough to stay.

A: What am I giving my energy to? What is keeping me up at night? Are they thoughts that in the end lead to death – thoughts wrapped in judgement and accusations against others? Thoughts of worry and anxiety? Hurts and unforgiveness? Fear?

Where is the life in that? How does any of that bring You the glory You deserve?

It doesn’t.

Instead, I must take every thought captive and make it obedient to You. Set my mind on things above.

Praise. Worship. Pray.

P: I praise You, Jesus! For even when I was far away from you – when I was yet still a sinner – You gave Your life for me. How can I not give You mine? You are the Lord of lords and King of Kings! You are good and faithful! Forgive us, Lord. Cleanse our hearts and heal our minds. Help us to sleep peacefully. Allow us to find true rest in You. Amen.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

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