See, I told you!

S: He is not here; he is risen, just as he said. Matthew 28:6a (NIV)

O: Because I know how the story ends, I wonder how or why the disciples were surprised by Your resurrection. You told them it would happen!

And yet, how many times have You told me things about Yourself that I didn’t really get until I saw it for myself?

A: Over and over and over again I read in Your Word about Your goodness, Your faithfulness, Your authority, Your holiness, Your grace, Your mercy…Your love.

But I still forget.

Even though You, Holy Spirit, constantly remind me – always whispering the truth about Your character – I sometimes fail to really see it until I’m on the other side of it. Hindsight being 20/20.

But faith is believing without seeing.

Faith is an expectation. An expectation to see You move, and for others to see it, too.

And in that moment we begin to see, that moment when our eyes are opened and we see the fulfilment of Your Word – Your promise – it’s then that we say to those around us, “See, I told you!”

But only because You told us first.

P: God, thank You for Your Living Word! Jesus, I am so in love with You! I’m so grateful You tell us Who You are. When we discover Who You are, it changes everything – especially how we see. I love You.

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