Cut It Off

S: And if your hand or your foot causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life crippled or lame than with two hands or two feet to be thrown into the eternal fire. Matthew 18:8 (ESV)

O: You use a hyperbole here to address how aggressively I need to attack the temptations to sin in my life. A hyperbole is an unreal exaggeration to emphasize the real situation, and the real situation here is that I need to get serious about the things temptations I allow in my life.

Let’s talk about TV (i.e., Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, fill-in-the-blank). I know You want to talk about this with me, because I’m already making excuses why we don’t need to talk about that.

So, let’s talk about it.

I was reminded last week of something a wise friend once told me, that I echoed to another. This wise friend had said, “I don’t want to be entertained by anything that put Jesus on the cross.” Ouch. When I look at some of the shows I watch, that sure isn’t true.

A: I want to make excuses – to convince me (and You?) that it doesn’t affect me. But You want me to cut it off.

You want me to remain childlike in my faith. If I wouldn’t let my children watch these things, why do I think I can?

I want to be wise in all things, Lord. TV makes me lazy – it’s my go-to when I want to chill-out. I cannot keep going back to those things which cause me to stumble – like a dog returning to its vomit.

It’s time to be the grown-up of my childlike faith. It’s time for me to get serious about what I’m allowing my eyes and ears to see and hear. It’s time to cut it off.

P: Jesus, forgive me. Forgive me for being entertained by those things which You died to save me from.

Photo by mojzagrebinfo

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