I’ll Have To Think About That…

S: Then the disciples came and said to him, “Why do you speak to them in parables?” Matthew 13:10 (ESV)

O: The footnotes in the Passion Translation read: “Throughout Hebrew history wise men, prophets, and teachers used parables and allegories as a preferred method of teaching spiritual truths. Poets would write their riddles and musicians would sing their proverbs with verbal imagery. Jesus never taught the people without using allegory and parables…To deny the validity of allegorical teaching is to ignore the teaching methods of Jesus, the Living Word.”

A: Jesus shared earthly stories with heavenly meaning. It’s the heavenly meaning that keep me coming back to the parables. There are many times when I don’t fully understand what Jesus is saying, but I am finding with continued prayer, meditation and study, Holy Spirit reveals the deeper revelation I am seeking. Sometimes it comes instantly, and other times it’s weeks, months, even years! Jesus’ parables cause me to look closer into my own heart and draw me into His life-changing teachings. I find the longer I walk with Him, the more He explains to me. The more I listen, the more He speaks.

P: Holy Spirit I am so grateful for You! Thank You for Your holy whispers! Thank You for guiding all of us who believe into deeper revelation. Please continue helping us understand – as deep cries out to deep – may we continue to seek more and more of Your mystery – that we may fall even deeper in love with You.

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