May Your Wonders Keep Me Humble

S: Then he began to denounce the cities where most of his mighty works had been done, because they did not repent. Matthew 11:20 (ESV)

Next Jesus let fly on the cities where he had worked the hardest but whose people had responded the least, shrugging their shoulders and going their own way. (MSG)

O: How can I see the hand of God move in my life and not be humbled before Him?

A: Your presence in my life is evident – your saving grace written on every page of my story. I would be a fool to ever dismiss Your involvement as coincidence or luck! No! You are God – the Creator of the universe – and You love me. You care about me and want LIFE for me! For You have come to set the captives free! All of us held captive by sin – slaves to ourselves, our own little gods. But You continuously reveal Yourself in miracles every day!

But I will only see what I want to see.

If it doesn’t fit in my box, my way of thinking, I quickly find ways to dismiss it – reasons to doubt and question. I look for other ways to explain it, rather than embrace the mystery of Your miracle. Fool!

What am I looking for? WHO am I looking for?

Forgive me, Lord.

P: Holy Trinity, do not let me miss anymore of the miracles You perform. May my eyes be opened to ALL the works of Your hand! May I look upon these things and recall Your greatest miracle – the One Who made a way for me to be with You. The One Who deserves my highest praise. The One Who is the real miracle maker. May I look and see and know that You are God, and I am not. And may I be forever amazed at Your incredible works and wonders!

Photo by Pete Johnson

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