Bring Them To Jesus

S: So his fame spread throughout all of Syria, and they brought him all the sick, those afflicted with various diseases and pains, those oppressed by demons, those having seizures, and paralytics, and he healed them. Matthew 4:24 (ESV)

O: “…And they brought him all the sick…and he healed them.” I can’t really imagine the lengths people went to, to bring their sick loved ones to Jesus. They brought them to Jesus – in faith, in hope, and probably desperation…and he healed them.

A: I’ve tried to fix people. I can’t help it, really; I’m a “fixer.” If someone brings me their problems, I try to fix them, or make suggestions on how they can fix them. But I’m embarrassed to admit my first reaction is not to bring them to You, Jesus. Instead, I’ve often tried to take You to them. It seems that seldom works, because a lot of people don’t really want to be made well – blinded by bitterness, hurt, unforgiveness, shame, guilt…they sometimes can’t imagine being made whole – complete. So they sit there broken, and the idea of trying “my” Jesus doesn’t appeal to them.

When I try to take You to them, I put a lot of pressure on myself. I feel driven, instead of drawn. And there’s a big difference there – a difference You and I have been working through these last two years. When I try to take You to others, I carry a lot of the burden – afraid I’ll say the wrong thing, or get messed up with where something is in the Bible.

But what if I just brought them to You? What if my prayers changed? Instead of asking You to go to them and heal them, what if I asked instead that they would desire You? That they would want to know You? What if my prayers came from a place of faith, hope, and desperation for them to want You?

Would they want to go to You?

Maybe they don’t know because they’ve never seen You. Not in me, or in others who claim to be “Christians.” Our mouths spew out Christianese, but our actions speak the opposite. And all the while, we claim to be “taking Jesus to the lost,” but something about us still looks like the rest of the world.

It breaks my heart and I can’t imagine what it does to Yours.  

We keep driving ourselves to be more like You, Jesus – driving others to find You, too – instead of allowing surrendering to You – allowing You to do what You do best.

You draw us in by Your love.

P: I’m sorry Jesus. I’m sorry for all the times I mess this thing up – this crazy, radical, beautiful thing You are doing. I’m sorry when I try to take control – thinking my way is best. I’m sorry I put so much thought into how I can help fix others, instead of simply taking them to You. Forgive me, Lord. Search my heart first. Pull out anything that prevents You from having Your way. Oh God, give me courage and strength to bring them to You. Give me the peace in knowing, if they are with You, You’ve got them – my job is to simply love them.

Photo by Vera Arsic

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